4 Tips & Ideas for Maternity Photoshoots

Explore wardrobe inspirations, expert posing tips, and ways to help your clients make the most of their maternity photoshoot!

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Welcoming a new life into the world is such an extraordinary journey that many celebrate through a maternity photoshoot—or as some prefer to call it, a pregnancy photoshoot!

Maternity photoshoots are all about celebrating the thrilling anticipation of becoming parents, a way to immortalise the profound emotions shared with friends and family during this period and a timeless treasure that your little one will surely appreciate in the years to come.

While the idea of having a maternity photoshoot can stir up excitement, it's also completely normal to feel a tad nervous about the experience. But don’t worry! In this blog, we've compiled four expert tips and ideas to make sure you and your loved ones feel at ease and thoroughly enjoy your maternity photoshoot!

🗓️ Find your ideal timing

Timing plays a crucial role in a maternity photoshoot, yet there's no one-size-fits-all 'perfect timing'. Through experience, we've found that the ideal stage for a maternity shoot isn't just about weeks, but also how you feel. Your comfort, energy, and mobility matter most—ensuring you fully enjoy this special experience.

Posing during pregnancy can sometimes be challenging, especially as you near your due date. By scheduling your shoot around 28 to 36 weeks, you're likely to feel more agile and comfortable, ensuring a more relaxed and enjoyable experience.

Remember, every pregnancy is unique, and what matters most is your comfort and enjoyment during the session. Some moms-to-be might prefer an earlier shoot to capture the initial stages of their pregnancy glow, while others might opt for a later session closer to flaunt their baby bump. Ultimately, choose a time that aligns with your energy levels, comfort, and readiness to celebrate.

🖼️ Consider outdoor photoshoot locations

While indoor photoshoots offer controlled environments and conveniences, they can't compare to the natural backdrops and abundant natural light that an outdoor maternity photo session provides. Natural light works wonders, making the pregnancy glow shine like nothing else, especially during early mornings or late afternoons when the soft light can make your photos feel like a fairytale.

Outdoor locations offer versatility and room for creativity too. You can explore different backdrops within the same spot and try a wide range of shots, poses, and compositions. If you’re wondering how to pose, we have some tips for that as well!
  • Find a comfortable spot in your favourite park or landmark in the city, perhaps on a bench or a blanket spread on the grass and cradle your belly for an endearing shot.
  • Take a little walk or stand in a picturesque location and let the wind play with your hair and dress, capturing candid yet gorgeous shots.
  • Engage with the elements around you—lean against a tree, bask in the sun's warmth, or feel the beach waves washing over your feet. Let the surroundings naturally create intimate photos that beautifully showcase this precious moment.

If you're unsure about the perfect location for your photoshoot, your photographer can serve as a valuable guide. With Smiler’s local photographers, you can trust their expertise and recommendations to discover the ideal backdrop that aligns with your vision.

👗 Maternity outfit inspiration

Now that you’re ready to pick the best maternity shoot location, let’s discuss what to wear for your photoshoot!

Priority number one: comfort! Maxi dresses in solid colours make an excellent choice for maternity photoshoots due to their comfort and flattering appearance. To seamlessly blend with your backdrop, avoid small-sized patterns as they might not complement the overall look. We can’t stress this enough, do not limit yourself to traditional whites! Consider outfits that harmonise with the seasonal palette and your chosen location.

Looking for affordable maternity dresses? Non-maternity dresses are a great option—they work during and after pregnancy! Seek out stretchy fabrics, elastic waists, and higher waistlines for comfort. Check if it's fully lined; some dresses with partial lining might not fit well with the bump due to their shorter length.

Coordinate your outfits with your partner, family or friends joining in the photoshoot. Matching colours or themes can create a beautiful synergy in your photographs.

🧸 Props and personal touches

Including props can add depth and an extra layer of sweetness to your photos. Think of little things that carry big meanings, like tiny baby shoes or adorable newborn outfits. These props can create delightful close-up shots, making your maternity photos more diverse and all the more cute.

If your maternity photoshoot doubles as a pregnancy announcement, these props can make the announcement heartwarmingly special. Plus, with a professional maternity photoshoot, you'll have a bunch of high-quality photos that you can share on a card sent by mail or across your social media—it's the sweetest way to spread the news!

Whether it's a solo photoshoot or one with your partner, friends, or family, each moment captured adds a unique layer to your story. Celebrating motherhood in whichever way feels right for you will create beautiful memories you'll cherish forever.

💜 Bonus: How to easily connect with local photographers

If professional photoshoots are new to you or it's been a while since your last one, feeling nervous is absolutely normal. We understand that choosing a photographer and arranging a photoshoot with all the details can feel overwhelming. That's where Smiler steps in! Our platform offers access to talented local photographers worldwide. With hassle-free booking, flexible scheduling, and cancellation options, we’re here to simplify the tasks on your checklist before the baby's arrival.

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A maternity photoshoot is a wonderful way to immortalise the joy, love, and anticipation of welcoming a new family member. Remember, there are no rules—let your personality shine through and capture this beautiful journey in a way that's authentic to you. Hope these maternity photoshoot tips and ideas have sparked your imagination!