Capturing the Iconic New York City Bridges: When to Be There

Grab your camera gear, ignite your creative spark, and join us as we unravel the photo-worthy nooks of the Iconic New York City Bridges!

Woman standing in front of Brooklyn Bridge in New York with her dog

New York City, often referred to as the “Concrete Jungle”, is home to many architectural marvels with two of its iconic bridges taking centre stage. Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan Bridge, among many others, are undoubtedly the most famous places for taking photos.

But when is the best time to visit? If you're planning to visit these must-see New York bridges, keep reading as we explore the best times of the year for capturing stunning photos.

📅 Planning your photoshoot

Timing is crucial for capturing these iconic landmarks in their full glory. For a quieter experience, visit in mid-winter (December to February) or late spring (late March to late April). During quieter times, you can enjoy a peaceful atmosphere and take gorgeous photos in front of famous bridges. While the temperatures might be on the cooler side during these periods, the stunning backdrops for sure compensate for it.

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Enjoy the crisp winter’s day, when a touch of snow blankets the city, or late spring when the world awakens from its slumber. Keep in mind that a dash of cloud cover can add drama and visual narrative to your photos as well. 

📍Best spots for taking great photos

Selecting the right vantage point is the key to capturing the perfect photo of the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges. Let's explore some of the best spots, each offering a unique perspective and backdrop for your photos.


Dumbo (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass) is a trendy neighbourhood known for its artistic appeal and of course, its superb views of the Manhattan Bridge. You can frame the bridge perfectly from here, as it connects the boroughs of Brooklyn and Manhattan. Not to mention the charming cobblestone streets, historic architecture and the calming waters of the East River.

Washington Street

Washington Street is also famous for offering a classic and highly Instagram-worthy view of the Manhattan Bridge. With its iconic perspective framed by the surrounding buildings, this location has become a favourite among photographers. The bridge next to the city looks amazing and is a great place for memorable photos.

Brooklyn Side of the Bridges

The Brooklyn side offers a unique and less crowded view of both the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges. Capture the bridges from different angles in Brooklyn Bridge Park and along the East River. Show their architectural beauty against the city skyline. An ideal location for those looking to capture these iconic structures in a different light.


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TIP: Consider visiting the George Washington Bridge for a stunning view of the longest suspension bridge in New York City or the Williamsburg Bridge for a different perspective on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Canal Street, in the heart of downtown Manhattan, also offers unique views of the Brooklyn Bridge and its intricate details.

📸 3 insider tips to get you camera-ready

Now that you've got the inside scoop on when and where to capture the best photos, let's make sure you're ready to shine in front of the lens! Let's be real, confronting a camera lens can feel like a battle of wits at times. We've all been there! But fear not, we gathered some life pro tips for you - straight from our photographers. With these foolproof tricks, you'll be feeling like your best self in front of the lens!

  • Dress for yourself: Prioritise your comfort! Choose the clothes that reflect your personal style and make you feel like the best version of yourself. When you feel good in your own skin and clothing, that confidence will naturally translate into awesome photos.
  • Focus on the experience: When you are genuinely engaged and present in these authentic moments, it often exudes a natural charm that can never be staged.
  • Relax and groove: When you're not sure how to pose or feel a bit awkward, let us guide you. Walk, twirl, or be dynamic - just like your favourite dance partner, we'll lead you through the steps.

In this article, we explored when, where, and how to take the best photos with the famous Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges in New York City. If you want fewer people and beautiful scenery, mid-winter or late spring are ideal. With a little help from Smiler's photographers, you can explore different perspectives and capture the dramatic effect of weather in your photos.

With these tips in mind, your quest to take the most amazing photos of the most iconic bridges in the world will be a memorable and rewarding experience. Happy posing!