Get More Photography Clients With Smiler's Latest Feature Updates

Learn how to get more clients, boost revenue and save time with the Smiler Photographer Suite's powerful new features!

Get More Photography Clients With Smiler's Latest Feature Updates

Attract more clients, save time and stay organised. That's exactly what the new features of Smiler Photographer Suite are all about.

Spoiler alert! These brand-new features that we're about to reveal aren’t just minor updates. We’ve added features that were designed towards getting you more photography clients while making it a breeze to run your business without losing your time (or sanity) along the way. If you're used to switching between multiple platforms or trying to fit your business needs into a platform that doesn't really support how you work—you're going to love this update!

From boosting your digital presence to simplifying your booking management, these latest improvements are designed to redefine your and your client's journey. Keep reading to discover all the exciting new features waiting for you in your Suite and be sure to stick around until the end for a surprise!

🧲 Introducing Storefront: Your digital showroom

One of the most exciting new additions to your suite is the Storefront feature. This innovative tool allows you to showcase your portfolio, services, and client reviews in a beautiful and professional space that captivates potential clients and converts visitors into bookings.

Think of your storefront as the digital face of your photography business, a powerful tool to make the right first impression on potential clients. With this revolutionary feature, you can showcase your portfolio, highlight your services, and feature glowing testimonials effortlessly. Unlike traditional portfolios or websites, maintaining your Storefront requires hardly any manual upkeep!

Thanks to Smiler's robust automation tools, with every new shoot, your clients are prompted to give consent for their photos to be displayed in your portfolio. This allows you to flaunt your freshest work at all times. But the best part of this automation tool is that it also nudges your clients to leave glowing testimonials about their experience. No more chasing after clients; we'll help them come to you and display their praises on your storefront for all to see.

Let's talk about the simplicity that Storefronts provide. This seamless integration of portfolio display and testimonial collection makes decision-making a breeze for potential clients. Your portfolio, highlighted services, and raving testimonials paint a picture of professionalism, creating a magnetic force that attracts clients and pushes your photography business further.

🎟️ Bookable Products: Seamless booking management

Say goodbye to indecisiveness with Smiler's new bookable products feature. By adding bookable products directly into your Storefront, potential clients can easily browse your offerings, select the product that best fits their needs, and book their session with confidence. This streamlined approach saves you time and effort while also increasing the likelihood of converting those leads into paying clients.

By creating your Bookable Products, you can showcase your various photography services in a user-friendly and visually interesting way. This allows your clients to easily understand the scope of your services and select the perfect fit for their needs. Once a client makes a booking, it seamlessly reflects in your schedule. This integration not only simplifies scheduling but also allows you to effortlessly link gallery deliveries to each booking.

No more back-and-forth emails, confusing price lists, or scheduling headaches–with Bookable Products, the entire process is seamless and efficient. Smiler is here to free up your valuable time and mental energy so you can focus on what you do best; providing exceptional photography and an exceptional client experience.

Screenshot graphic of the smiler photographer suite's storefront feature
Create an impressive, professional online presence in just a few clicks to attract potential clients and give your calendar a boost!

🌟 Unlocking Smiler Pro: Exclusive features for photography pros

Are you ready to take your photography business to the next level? Then the new Smiler Pro subscription plan is perfect for you. Designed with professional photographers in mind, our new Pro plan offers an array of exclusive features and benefits that can help you streamline your operations, reduce your overhead costs, and unlock new growth opportunities.

One of the remarkable features of the Pro plan is the significantly reduced commission fees. By offering a lower commission structure, Smiler empowers you to keep more of the revenue you earn, allowing you to reinvest in your business, or simply offer more competitive pricing. This can be a game-changer for photographers who are tired of seeing a large chunk of their earnings siphoned away.

Plus, with exclusive access to unlimited storage, bookable products and customisation options, you'll have the resources you need to run your business sustainably while reducing the administrative burden on your shoulders.

Standing out from the crowd and consistently attracting new clients is more important than ever in today's competitive photography industry. By leveraging the powerful new features of the Smiler Photographer Suite, you can attract more clients sustainably, reduce the manual work that goes into managing your business, and provide an exceptional experience that keeps your clients coming back time and time again. Happy shooting! 📸

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