3 Tips You Need to Know for the Most Romantic Couple Photoshoot

Discover the secrets to the most romantic couple photoshoot! Explore tips on style, poses, and locations for an unforgettable experience.

Couple sharing a romantic moment in Prague
 đź“¸ Captured by Mairi in Edinburgh for Smiler

If you're here, chances are you've noticed that most of the photos you have with your loved ones tend to fall into two categories: casual selfies or slightly awkward snapshots (often taken by strangers). These photos often miss capturing the genuine love and connection that define your memories—a gap that a couple photoshoot is designed to fill!

Dive into our blog post where we break down the tips and tricks for curating the perfect photoshoot and see inspiring real couple photoshoot examples that promise to spark ideas and fuel inspiration for your next session!

Style and Outfit: Crafting Couple Aesthetics

When it comes to couple photoshoots, there are various styles to consider. From casual and candid to themed or formal, each style allows you to express your unique selves. Choose a style that resonates with you and makes you feel comfortable in front of the camera. Don't be afraid to showcase your love through a variety of poses and emotions.

When preparing for your romantic photoshoot, outfit coordination plays a key role! Start by considering the season: opt for cosy sweaters and layers during the fall or winter for a snug and intimate feel. Light, flowy fabrics or pastel tones work wonderfully for a spring or summer shoot for a breezy and romantic ambience. Feel free to choose colours and styles that not only complement each other but also reflect your personalities as a couple. But remember, the key is to feel comfortable and confident in what you wear. When you feel great, you look great!

Posing: Crafting Couple Choreography

To make your couple photoshoot truly unique as you two, there are a couple of tips and tricks you can follow! Think classic moves like holding hands, walking together, and sharing sweet embraces are classic poses that never go out of style. Or take a moment to dance together, even if it's a slow sway. And hey, we're all about seeing your furry friends crash the shoot and make a cameo in your romantic photoshoot!

When in doubt follow your photographer’s guidance, they not only know how to frame the perfect shot but also excel in guiding you into poses that feel natural and comfortable. They can direct you and suggest poses and movements that bring out your best in the photos while making you feel at ease in front of the camera. All that is left for you to do is have fun! The beauty lies in the versatility of poses—be it cute, creative, classic, or contemporary, there's room for fun at any moment.

Couple having a romantic moment during photoshoot
"It was great working with Renato! He made the experience fun and relaxing. Great ideas for poses and he captured some great pics! Would definitely work with him again."

Location: Finding Couple Locale

The location you choose for your couple's photoshoot can greatly enhance the overall feel and mood of your photos. Select a location that reflects your personality and creates a meaningful and beautiful backdrop for your photos. At Smiler, you can browse a collection of over 300 photoshoot spots across various cities to find your ideal photoshoot setting. You can rely on the expertise of our network of local, skilled photographers to navigate the city's hidden gems and easily create the atmosphere you want your photos to reflect.

Bonus tip: Make it a date! ❤️

We believe that in the journey of love, every moment is worth celebrating. Whether it's the excitement of an engagement, or celebrating an anniversary - finding ways to honour your love is essential. Couple photography isn't limited to specific milestones; it's a true celebration of two people in love.

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Consider your photoshoot as a date—a chance to express your love story in a way that’s probably new and exciting to you both. Letting go of nerves, the session becomes an opportunity to fall in love again with each other, share romantic gestures, and exchange flirty glances. So, here's to celebrating love and creating memories that will last a lifetime. Cheers to your love story—may it be captured in every frame!